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How to Connect your WPX Email Account with Outlook


Here is a quick video gude to help you connect your WPX Email account with Outlook.

Before starting, please check this article if you haven't created an email account yet: Setting Up A New WPX Email Account.

During the configuration, you will need the email settings for your account. If you do not have them, you can resend them from your Dashboard. Select the E-mail Boxes (1) tab on the left-hand side, click on Settings (2) for the domain in question, and in the pop-up menu that appears, input the email you wish to send your account settings to (3);

How to re-send your email details

With your account settings ready, there are few very important steps to take - instead of starting the Outlook by the icon on your desktop, click the Windows Start Button and type "Mail"

Windows mail

After starting the windows mail app from you will be able to select the Outlook as your mail client:

Windows mail 2

The reason why its very important to start the Outlook from the Windows Applications is because only from here you will be able to select a custom username for your mail client.
If Outlook is started directly from its .exe file, this option does not exist.

From here on, just follow the instructions in the video below to connect your WPX Email account with Outlook;

If you run into any trouble or get stuck, please raise a support ticket here:


And we'll get back to you asap!


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