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How do I Configure my Existing Website with CloudFlare?

If you have configured your website with SSL disabled, then here is a solution for you:

NOTE: You must have already configured your website with SSL enabled. If you still haven't done that, please visit the following article:

I want my website enabled with Let's Encrypt - how do I do that?

Go to www.cloudflare.com login with your account credentials and, via your website options, follow the steps described
in the screenshot below:

STEP 1. Be sure to select the "Full" option in the "Overview" section of the SSL/TLS tab.

How to configure CloudFlare

STEP 2. From "Edge Certificates" tab we will have to change multiple settings. In order to do that scroll down a bit and start from "Minimum TLS Version"


How to configure CloudFlare

The changes that needs to be done are :

Minimum TLS Version - change this one to 1.2
Onion Routing - it's "ON" by default, need's to be change to "OFF"
TLS 1.3it's "ON" by default, need's to be change to "OFF"
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - it's "ON" by default, leave it like that.

And that's it. From here on your website will load fine via https:// from Cloudflare with our SSL Enabled.

If you get stuck at any point, please submit a ticket to our Level 2 Support here:




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