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How To Use Filezilla For FTP/SFTP With Your WPX Hosting Account?

One way of managing your website's files is with FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

To manage your website's files yourself, you can use FileZilla for free or any other FTP client. You can download the free FileZilla client for Windows here. More information on how to install FileZilla can be found here.

After successfully installing and opening FileZilla, you will see the following window:

Filezilla's 4 main zones

This is the main FileZilla menu. The panels you will see are:

  1. Quick Connect bar - You can connect to a server from this bar.
  2. Local Pane - The files on your computer are listed here.
  3. Remote Pane - These are the server files, the files in your hosting account.
  4. Transfer Queue - Files waiting for transfer and already-transferred files are listed here.

How do I access FileZilla?

Before you begin sending files, you will need to connect to the FTP server. This can be done from the Quick Connect bar (1):

Quick connect bar

To connect to the FTP server, you need:

  1. Host: You can use the IP of the server (located in the Dashboard section in your hosting panel).
  2. Username and password: You can find these in two places: 1. In the Welcome email you first received when creating your account with us and, 2. Inside your Hosting Panel under the Service Details menu, as seen below:

Find your Username and Password under Service Details

You must then carefully copy the username and password and paste them in the Username and Password fields in the Quick
Connect bar (1) in Filezilla. You do NOT need to add ftp. in front of your domain name:



After you click the Quickconnect button, you will then see the files and folders list in your account in the Remote Pane (3).


Where to place your files?

The root folder for the main domain is “/public_html/” and you need to place your files there.

If you want to manage files of one of the added websites, their root folders are in:


Where you see “domain.com” above, you must input the name of your actual domain.

When you want to upload files from your local computer to your hosting account, first go to the local folder(s) in which you want to
operate via the left (Local) Pane. Select the files/folders and drag them from Local Pane and drop into Remote Pane (from left to right).

If you want to download files, you just need to reverse the process (from right to left).

Downloads on the left, Uploads on the right

You can do this file by file or folder by folder however, it is much easier to mark all the files/folders you want and download/upload them all at once.

If you want to access your files via SFTP, you will need to use port 2222 and to add the "sftp://" protocol in the Host field. The other steps are the same as the normal FTP connection.

Here is an example:

Access via SFTP 

Now FileZilla is up and running! You can upload, download, and manage content to your website via FileZilla after following this guide!

If you have an difficulty with the steps above, please raise a support ticket with us here:


and we will reply ASAP.


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