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Is Site Migration from WP Engine Possible & Free?

Yes, migrating your website from WP Engine is indeed free, provided you meet our Site Migration Policy.

We are very experienced in fast and painless site migrations from WP Engine, which can be technically tricky.

As is the case with all migrations from other hosting companies, these can be processed for free within 24 hours.

Please note however, that this does not apply if you wish to move an established site to a brand new domain hosted with us.

For example, if your current established site is tomjones.com (or a subdomain/subfolder) and you want to create a brand-new domain and site on tomjonesblog.com with the content from tomjones.com (or a subdomain/subfolder), then such a migration would be extremely time consuming given the massive amount of DataBase editing sometimes required for changing URLs.

We can try to migrate website to a new domain name but this is a paid service, costing $98 without VAT.

Also, keep in mind that migrations from one domain to another are sometimes not 100% guarantied due to encoded URLs in the DataBase. Of course, if this is the case we will refund you the amount paid for that migration.

If you would like to know more about the specific information we need to manage your free site migration from WP Engine and email configuration (which is included as a part of the free migration process), then please read this article.

If at any point you get stuck, or aren't sure how to proceed, just raise a support ticket with us here:


and we'll answer ASAP.


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Kinley McFadden, Smart Business Trends (read full review here)
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