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How to Install reCAPTCHA on your Website?


CAPTCHA is an excellent program that prevents bots from leaving spam comments on your website through use of distorted codewords.
Using Google CAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA) is a great solution to bot spam and ensures that only human users can interact with your work.

To install reCAPTCHA, follow our simple, 7-step guide below;

Step 1) Log in to your WordPress website dashboard,

Step 2) On the left-hand dashboard menu, select Plugins and Add New;

Step 3)
In the Add Plugins menu, search (1) for 'Google Captcha', then install and activate (2) the plugin;

Step 4)
Navigate to the plugin's Settings tab and click on the Get the API Keys link;

Step 5) Follow the link to your Google account and validate the settings. In the menu shown below, you must create the Label Name (1), select your preferred type of Captcha (2), and enter your domain name (3). Once you’ve finished, accept their ToS (4) and click Register (5);

Step 6) Next, copy the Site Key and the Secret Key as displayed below;

Step 7) Now return to the WordPress dashboard menu and under Google Captcha (1), go to the Settings tab. Next, paste these Authentication Keys (2) in the fields shown below.

We recommend that you now test reCAPTCHA (3) and, if everything is set up correctly, you will see green checkboxes next to the Keys. Lastly, choose where you would like reCAPTCHA enabled (4) and then save the changes;

And that’s it! You’ve now added the reCAPTCHA plugin to your WordPress website!

If you’d like more information on installing the Captcha plugin, then visit this article.

Need help or advice when installing the Captcha plugin? Then please reach out to us via a Support Ticket here:
And we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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