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What is the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

So, what is the GDPR?

The EU has updated the regulations for Data Protection and this will bring greater safety and privacy for you, as a consumer and WPX customer!

The Data Protection regulations in place have evolved and the European Commission will implement these changes in May 2018 (that’s not far away!), so it’s important to know how you will be affected.

Whether you live inside or outside the EU, it is worth knowing how these changes will affect you. The GDPR even reaches outside of the EU to ensure maximum data protection for all within it.

The current (old) Data Protection rules were set in place by the EU back in 1998! The internet has changed significantly since then and now the GDPR improves upon and adapts the old rules to the modern day.

How will the GDPR benefit me?

The changes benefit end-users (that’s you) the most, ensuring greater protections against corporate authority and enhancing your individual privacy. Your data will be used more responsibly and efficiently, reducing the amount of surplus data that only benefits exploitative people and businesses.

Sensitive customer information poses a significant risk if stolen and abused. The GDPR helps keep personal information confidential and applies to everyone involved in processing data, regardless of whether they are located inside or outside of the EU.

What changes will the GDPR bring?

The primary changes to how data will be managed within the EU are outlined below;

Consent: Companies cannot use indecipherable terms or legal jargon to abuse customers. For customers, consent must be as easy to withdraw as it is to give.

Breach Notification: If data is breached, processors must notify their controllers and customers of any risk within 72 hours.

Right to Access: Data subjects have the right to know if their personal data is being processed. Data controllers should provide a free electronic copy of data to subjects.

Right to be Forgotten: Subjects can request that their personal data be erased if no longer relevant to its original purpose. This will also cease the dissemination and processing if their old data.

Data Portability: Data subjects may obtain and reuse their personal data for their own purposes and transfer it at their discretion.

Privacy by Design: Data protection must be a factor when designing or implementing any new systems or technical infrastructure, rather than an addition.

Data Protection Officers: Public authorities and organisations must appoint a professionally qualified officer to oversee large-scale data processing.

Non-compliance of these terms can bring heavy penalties. WPX Hosting is glad to cooperate with the new GDPR and provide even stronger protections for our users’ data. The GDPR puts restrictions on commercial data use and safeguards consumer data security rights. At WPX Hosting, we’re a fan of security, so everyone’s happy!

What does the GDPR mean for me as a businness owner?

If you happen to run a business and deal with customers and data from within the EU, you will be affected by these new regulations.

The GDPR applies to any company that offers goods or services to, or is monitor the behaviour of, EU data subjects. It applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

Here are some useful resources for more information about the GDPR, whether you are a data subject or business owner;

Frequently Asked Questions about the GDPR,

A succinct video explaining the new regulations,

What to consider as a US business owner,

and the Top 10 Operational Impacts of the GDPR.


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