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How to Connect your WPX Email Account with Thunderbird


If you have not created your free email account yet, please check this article before you get started;

Setting Up a New Email Account On WPX

This step-by-step guide will help you connect your WPX Email account with the Thunderbird Mail Client. Follow the steps closely and you will have your free email account ready on Thunderbird in no time!


Step 1: The first thing you need is your email account information.

To access your email, first log in and go to My Account (1) Emails (2) and then select the automatic email that we sent (3) with your email account details inside (which in this demo is ‘email@wpxtraining.com’, as seen below);

Find your Email under My Account


The email should look like this:

Read your Email Account details here


Note: If you have trouble finding that section, please check the following screenshot, as it shows how to resend these settings to your personal
email address.

Go to your DashboardWordPress HostingE-mail Boxes (1) and select the Settings button (2) on the right. Simply type in your email into the box (3) and click Submit (4) to re-send your email account information;

How to re-send your email details


Step 2: The next step is to add in your WPX Email settings into the Thunderbird Client.

From the main menu, under Accounts, select Email to create a new account;

Create a new Email account


Step 3: After choosing to create a new email account, a window will pop up. Make sure to select 'Skip this and use my existing email';

Skip this step

Step 4: Make sure to add a username (‘Your name’) and password as shown in the screenshot below. Keep in mind that you can fill in the
‘Your name’
field as you like (your first name, rather than an email name);

 Input your account details

Step 5: You'll probably get an error after the login attempt, that's because there are additional settings that must be set up.

In this case, either the Advanced config menu will appear, or you'll have to select it; it's next to 'Get a new account'. Adjust the remaining settings as shown below and click the Re-Test button, then Done;

 Refer to your account information email

If the password that you've entered is correct, congratulations - you've successfully connected your mailbox with Thunderbird!

Don’t forget that you can connect additional mailboxes to the Thunderbird Client:

 Add new Email accounts to Thunderbird


If you experience any further difficulties, or are unsure how to proceed with setup, please make sure to contact our friendly Support Team and they'll help you out asap!


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