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Backup Manager Guide

Our Backup Manager will allow you to take backups of your website at any time, restore them as you see fit and download your personal backups to store locally.

You can choose when to create a backup, such as before updating your website or installing a new plugin, and it is conveniently located here, in your Hosting Panel:

Find your Backup Manager under your Hosting Panel menu

From the Backups section of your Dashboard, you can choose the website for which you wish to create a backup or which website to restore, as seen below:

Select your website here

In your Backup Manager, there are 2 types of Backups: User Backups and System Backups.

1. Personal Backups 

Personal Backups are those created yourself.

Please note that there can be only one personal backup per website at any given time.

If you have not created a backup yourself, when you select the button Create New Personal Backup (1) you will see the following message:

Create New

Select Create New (2) to save a backup of your website (this will backup both the files and database of your website)!

Note: Manually saved Backups will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

After creating a backup, you will see this message when you select to
Restore backup:

Create New, Restore, or Delete your Backup

If you select Create New (1) again, you will save a new backup that will overwrite the previous one you have made.
You can also choose to
Restore (2) or Delete (3) your new backup.

This menu allows you the choice to restore only the files or the database, or both:

Create New, Restore, or Delete your Backup

You can download the Personal backup that you have created by pressing the Download Personal Backup (1) button.

2. System Backups

If you wish to restore a backup of your website from a specific date, you can visit the Restore Automatic Backup.

To choose from which date (Backup Point) you want to restore, simply select a date from the drop-down calendar(1):

System Backups menu

After choosing a date, you will see the following options:



The Backup Information box (2) shows you the exact date and hour when your backup was created. You can also copy your Backup Point ID.

You can also choose whether you wish to restore only the files or the database of your website (3).

Keep in mind that both options are selected by default.

The option Empty public_html folder will delete everything from the public_html folder of your website, before restoring the backup you have selected.

Also, you can Restore your deleted email boxes. Note that the email box will only appear in the restore menu, if it was re-created before that.

Here is how you can create Email boxes.

You can choose either to restore a single email box (3) or all of them (2). You can even restore multiple email boxes by selecting those manually.

Keep in mind that you need to Re-Create the email boxes before you try to restore them.

If the email boxes are not present in your  menu, they will not appear as an option for restore.

Finally, select Run Website Restore Process (4) to restore your website from the Backup Point date of your choice.

The restoration procees is now in your background tasks and you will receive a notification when it is completed.


When your backup has been restored you will recieve the green notification:


The Backup Manager will grant more autonomy over your website and allow you to select specific backups to work with!

That said, if you are having difficulty with the Backup Manager, or have questions about backups, please raise a support ticket with us here:


And we'll get back to you asap.


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